A list of my publications as referenced by the NASA ADS can be found here.

Here is a selection:

  • A&A 639 (2020): Probing high-density neutron star mergers with afterglow counterparts, R. Duque, P. Beniamini, F. Daigne, R. Mochkovitch
  • MNRAS 492 (2020): X-ray plateaus in gamma-ray bursts’ light curves from jets viewed slightly off-axis, P. Beniamini, R. Duque, F. Daigne, R. Mochkovitch
  • A&A 631 (2019): Radio afterglows of binary neutron star mergers: a population study for current and future gravitational wave observing runs, R. Duque, F. Daigne, R. Mochkovitch